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Venture Global (VG Tech) W.L.L, is an ISO certified, IMS integrated trading company catering to the discerning needs of Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Utility and Sewerage, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Power Generation sectors in the state of Qatar. VG Tech empowers its customers with quality, reliability, efficiency and value, bringing comprehensive range of world class products and delivering it locally. VG Tech benchmarks the best practices in the industry, provides competitive products to its customers and assures reliability and durability to maximize their satisfaction.
  • In-line Under pressure Valve Leak sealing Solutions
  • Steel to Steel Clamping Solutions
  • UL Tanks & Accessories, Floating Roofs, Surge Vessels, Foam Skids
  • Reactor / Column Internals, Demisters, Filteration Systems
  • Jointing, Repairing, Couplings & Flange Adaptors
  • Manhole Covers
  • DBB, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly Valves, Strainers
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Refractory Solutions
  • Pig Launchers, Receivers
  • Fasteners
  • Flanges & Gaskets
  • Valve Test Benches
  • Process & Flow Control Instruments

  • GRP Cable trays, ladders and GRP products
  • Cable management systems, Earthing, Lighting Systems, LED Luminaires
  • Electrical Measuring Instruments
  • Cable glands, lugs, Earthing/Lighting material.
  • Earthing/Lighting material.
  • Metallic junction boxes.
  • Street/ Camera/ Highmast poles
  • PVC conduits
  • Power, Rubber, Control, Instrumentation Cables.
  • Energy meters.
  • Luminaires, Poles.
  • Metallic products.
  • AC/DC Power Systems.
  • Complete range of Cables.

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